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[New Song] Drake – Pain 1993 Ft. Playboi Carti MP3 Music Download Free

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New Song “Pain 1993” by Drake featuring Playboi Carti mp3 music download with music video free. The international male rapper has released another great song for the year 2020.

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper has released so many songs within his new years of fame. He is a big name in the international music industry owing to his several sold-out releases over the years.

This track is from his recently released Dark Lane Demo album. The genre of the song is hip hop and it’s one of the best tracks in the album. Also included in the album are Landed and From Florida With Love, do well to check them out. Click here to view all Drakes new songs 2020.

If you are a Hip Hop fan; then Pain 1993 by Drake featuring Playboi carti is for you.

Featured Lyrics

I put some ice on her hand
I let her take an advance
Shit wasn’t goin’ as planned
I put that shit in the van
She gotta move with her friend
Heard she went back to her man
Give a fuck, ayy
I just put a Wagen in the driveway, you know I did
When I shoot my shot it’s the Kawhi way, it’s goin’ in
Me and lil’ Sicko sittin’ sideways, breakin’ tens
Used to be an antisocial nigga, now I’m makin’ friends
I just got a mansion out in Turks and it’s a beachfront (okay)
If she’s bringin’ four friends
I know I’ll hit at least one (okay, slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt)
Got ’em all tannin’ by the pool and they greased up (okay)
Police in my city, man, I keep they pockets greased up (okay)

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