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[New Song] Drake – Landed MP3 Music Download Free

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New Song “Landed” by Drake mp3 music download with music video free. The male superstar rapper has released another great song for the year 2020.

Drake is a Canadian rapper has released so many songs within his new years of fame. He has released several songs which earned him a place in the international music industry.

This track is from his recently released Dark Lane Demo album. The genre of the song is hip hop and it’s one of the best tracks in the album. His other releases are Demons and From Florida With Love, do well to check them out. Click here to view all Drakes new songs 2020.

If you are a Hip Hop fan; then Landed by Drake is for you.

Featured Lyrics

If I gotta land, I’ma stick it
Baby, let it go and you gon’ miss it
Wrote this with a Cartier pen, do I sound different? Yeah, yeah
Overseas and back, I was round-trippin’
I’ve been, uh, I’ve been, what?
I’ve been pop, whippin’, wrist is on another rhythm
I was not kiddin’, don’t know why they playin’ with him
I was not finna let them get no top billin’
Man, they really tried to take this shit and run with it
And I bought my dawg a Rollie ’cause he rolled with it, yeah
And I bought that girl a shovel ’cause she gold-diggin’, yeah
If he talkin’ out his head, then it’s off with it, yeah
Boardin’ Air Drake, then we takin’ off in it, yeah

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