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[New Song] Drake – Deep Pockets MP3 Music Download Free

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New Song “Deep Pockets” by Drake mp3 music download with music video free. The international male rapper has released another great song for the year 2020.

Drake is a Canadian rapper has released so many songs within his new years of fame. He has released several songs which earned him a place in the international music industry.

This track is from his recently released Dark Lane Demo album. The genre of the song is hip hop and it’s one of the best tracks in the album.

If you are a Hip Hop fan; then Deep Pockets by Drake is for you.

Featured Lyrics

Dressed in fatigues, I rep the East with my trustees
Smokin’ on crushed leaves
They turn they back on everything we built, then they must bleed
I’ve seen splatter hit the snow when the blood freeze
Straps over territory they know we must keep
Get home and white Air Forces get brushed clean
Back when my mama would interrupt sleep
To tell me hurry up ’cause the bus leaves
Summertime heatwaves, I used to just cut sleeves
My shorty really love me, man, she want me to cut keys
I can’t do that normal type of life, is it just me?
Niggas steady try to ride the wave, but it’s rough seas
I’m losin’ enough sleep dealin’ with envy
And the news that they sent for me got the block in a frenzy

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