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[New Song] Darkoo – Kryptonite (Tough Times Never Last) MP3 Music Download Free


New Song “Kryptonite (Tough Times Never Last)” by Darkoo Mp3 music download with music video free. The  UK dancehall artist has released another great piece of music for the year 2020.

Darkoo is a Nigeria-born artist currently based in South London (UK) who had a breakout 2019 when her single “Gangsta” went viral. Other songs including “Rover” and “Weh You Did Deh?” have helped her YouTube channel reach more than 30,000 subscribers.

She dropped the single “Friendzone” on SoundCloud in 2017. Her fans have supported her on Instagram where she shares lifestyle and backstage photos with 30,000 followers. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She has collaborated musically with rapper One Acen (Top-40 Charts).

If you are a Dancehall music fan; then this song is for you. Download it here now free and enjoy!

Featured Lyrics

Tough time never last, only tough people last
In the brand new Range and the ceiling’s glass
What you know about that?
Spend your mortgage on my drip
Yeah, my nigga, do the maths
I’ma show you what you never seen before
Baby, I’ma take you on tour
All this lovin’ got me knockin’ at your door
Now I got you beggin’ for more

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Download Kryptonite (Tough Times Never Last) by Darkoo mp3 music here free!

Watch Kryptonite (Tough Times Never Last) by Darkoo Music Video Here

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