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Cardi B – UP MP3 Music Download Free

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New Song “UP” by  Cardi B Mp3 music download with music video free. The American female rapper has released another great single for the year 2021.

Cardi B is an award-winning American rapper who has released several sold-out songs over the years. She has several songs to her credit including her new release titled Bet You Wanna featured by Blackpink. In case you missed it,  Download it Hee Free!

Up was released on February 2021 and the genre is Hip Hop. It’s a song you wouldn’t wanna miss.

If you are a Hip Hop music fan; then this song is for you. Download it here now free and enjoy!

Featured Lyrics

No, I don’t think they know
They don’t know how this go
They think I’m broke
What a fuckin’ joke
When I walk in the door, I get my dough
Then a bitch get low
I used to kill them poles, now I kill them shows
They don’t like my growth, well fuck ya hoes
Yeah, ’cause all my bitches that be gettin’ with me

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Download New Song “UP ” by  Cardi B mp3 music here free!

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